Philip’s Infant School Atlas : For 5-7 year olds


David Wright


The 3rd edition of Philip’s best-selling atlas for 5 to 7-year olds- Ideal for teaching Key Stage 1, helping to cover geography, history, science, citizenship and literacy requirements- Written by experts Professor David Wright and Rachel Noonan- Published in association with the Royal Geographical Society- 50 pages of clear, child-friendly maps showing our world today- Countries brought to life with flags, illustrations and photos- Bold text, simple words and short sentences to encourage reading skills- Starts with the Earth as a Planet then zooms into each of the world’s regions with maps and illustrations- Numbered balloons on each map link to photos of real placeFully revised and updated, the new edition Philip’s Infant School Atlas is intended for children in the early stages of reading, aged between 5 and 7 years old, with simple text to explain what is happening on the maps and illustrations to the young children. The atlas contents have been designed to be compatible with National Curriculum Key Stage 1 expectations. Clear, child-friendly maps are combined with fascinating photographs and facts about the world to provide essential geographical information for young children.

‘Balloons’ link photos of real places to each map. Guidance is given at the beginning of the atlas on how to use the maps, encouraging the early development of map skills and knowledge of the world. An index to the maps plus an illustrated glossary complete the atlas.

Each colourful spread is illustrated with fascinating colour photographs and packed with fact boxes, curiosities, flags, stamps and simple quiz questions. Philip’s Infant School Atlas is both fun to use and easy to understand. The text is simple and uncomplicated, and will encourage early reading skills to develop in the children.


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