Amazing Immortals : A Guide to Gods and Goddesses Around the World


Dinah Williams


A culturally diverse, fact-filled, and gorgeously illustrated introduction to over 80 gods and goddesses from around the world?a perfect introduction to mythology for young readers. With heroic deeds, family drama, pulse-pounding battles, and shape-shifting magic, mythology fascinates us all. But even the biggest enthusiasts find it hard to keep track of who?s who! Packed with facts and full-color, lush illustrations from 17 international artists, Dinah Williams?s Amazing Immortals is a fascinating introduction to these larger-than-life gods and goddesses, highlighting their big personalities, famous adventures, formidable powers, family trees, animal companions, and appearances in pop culture.

Organized by theme?from gods of creation to gods of death and the underworld; from gods of water to gods of fire; from gods of love to gods of war?this diverse encyclopedia features both familiar and underrepresented deities. Filled with betrayal, intrigue, romance, and impossible feats, their captivating stories entertain us, explain our world, and help answer some of life?s biggest questions. Includes gods and goddesses from 30 pantheons: Akan * Annang *Aztec * Babylonian * Bushongo * Canaanite * Celtic * Chinese * Efik * Egyptian * Finnish * Greek * Hawai?ian * Hindu * Hittite * Hopi * Ibibio * Incan * Inuit * Korean * Lithuanian * Maori * Mayan * Navajo * Norse * Pueblo * Roman * Shinto * Sumerian * Yoruba


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