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Factology: Ancient Egypt is a fact-packed introduction to this iconic time in history, presented in maps, timelines, diagrams and statistics. Did you know that the pyramids of Giza were once covered in a white casing made of glimmering limestone that was so polished it would reflect the Sun’s rays? Discover the truth about this early human civilisation: its ancient ways of life, rulers, rituals, mythology, animals and everyday people. This visually stunning history guide introduces the Egyptian gods and pharaohs, the mysteries of mummification, the great pyramids, the language of hieroglyphics, the world of Egyptian wildlife and much, much more! Each volume in the Factology series provides a fast-paced and fun introduction to its subject, explaining key concepts and highlighting significant events in a manner that is clear, accessible and entertaining.

The KS2 and KS3 school curriculum is consulted when devising each volume, to ensure that the books cover important educational topics, making them a perfect teaching aid for learning history and STEM subjects.


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