Bad Dream: A Dreamer Story


Nicole Maines; Rye Hickman


The never before told origin story of DREAMER: the first trans superhero ever to appear on TV! Nia Nal s spent her whole life taking a back seat to her older sister, Maeve, who s expected to inherit their mother s Naltorian powers the ability to see the future through dreams. They ll soon learn the dreaming powers had other plans When Nia s hit in the face with a kickball, the powers that weren t meant for her are suddenly triggered. Saddled with guilt, Nia resolves to suppress her powers in an attempt to protect her relationship with her sister.

But Nia can t keep the dreams out forever From Nicole Maines, the actress, activist, and writer who originated the role of Dreamer on the groundbreaking Supergirl TV show, and with stunning art by Rye Hickman that captures Nia s fan-favorite personality, comes the origin story of a girl who must accept her own power to fulfill her destiny in a long lineage of female superheroes. Luckily, Nia won t have to go through it alone.


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