Climate Action : The future is in our hands


Georgina Stevens

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This book is about changing the world for the better. It?s about how we all have the power to make a real difference. And it?s also about the many incredible young people, just like you, who arealready taking action at a time when change is most needed.

This is a book about climate change, and the actions we can take in preventing it. From its causes and the effects they have on our beautiful planet, to the changes we can make, young eco enthusiasts will love finding out more about this global crisis. With vibrant artwork from Katie Rewse and engaging text from Georgina Stevens, Climate Action is a positive guide to the changes, both big and small, we can make.

From sustainable shopping to pollution-tackling green roofs, there are so many exciting innovations which are helping us in our quest to save the planet. What’s more, profiles about the young change-makers making waves to save our planet encourage young learners to join the environmental movement. Inspiring, informative and uplifting, this is the perfect handbook for being the change we want to see.

Now featuring updated facts and statistics to reflect environmental changes that have taken place since the publication of the hardback edition.


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