Finding Inner Safety (7th April)


Dr Nerina Ramlakhan

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FINDING INNER SAFETY FIND SAFETY, SECURITY AND PEACE IN THE MODERN WORLD. When we work hard, sometimes we put our mental health on the backburner. Stress, a lack of sleep and other factors can quickly lead to burnout.

How can we balance our goals with a peaceful lifestyle? Replace stress, burnout and surviving with resilience, energy-optimisation and thriving. With expert guidance from international author and speaker Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, you’ll learn how to use quick, manageable solutions to make a profound difference to your mindset, energy levels and subsequent productivity.

In plain language everybody can understand, Finding Inner Safety will help readers: Learn why we’re constantly on the lookout for threatsCome to terms with the actual dangers we faceUnderstand the key principles of safety science and strategies for feeling safer and more secureRealise the wisdom we can draw from the natural world around usMake choices that help us thrive, rather than merely survive To lead a peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle, finding safety and security from within yourself is an essential first step. Finding Inner Safety provides practical knowledge, insight, and methods to help you unwind from our modern world in a deeper sense, both at home and at work, without asking you to give up on your ambitious goals.


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