I Am a Bird : A Story About Finding a Kindred Spirit Where You Least Expect It


Hope Lim

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On her daily bike ride with her dad, a bird-loving little girl passes a woman who frightens her – until she discovers what they have in common. I am a bird. Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw!Every day, a little girl rides to school on the back of Daddy’s bike.

As they twist and turn through the city streets, the little girl spreads her arms like wings and sings her birdsong for all to hear. But when they pass the strange woman in blue who carries a mysterious bag, the girl goes quiet until the woman is out of sight. One day, when they’re running late, the little girl discovers what the woman does with her bag each morning – a surprise that transforms her wariness into a feeling of kinship to be celebrated.

Hope Lim’s simple text and Hyewon Yum’s delicate, expressive illustrations create a touching story that encourages readers to embrace our similarities rather than our differences.


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