Kitty and the Great Lantern Race


Paula Harrison Jenny Lovlie

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Kitty is a superhero-in-training with feline super powers, who dreams of being just like her superhero mum. In this story, Kitty must catch a dastardly thief before he ruins the magic of the lantern parade.

Join Kitty and her cat crew on the rooftops for a series of enchanting adventures by the light of the moon. Kitty and her classmates are taking part in a lantern parade through the city. The glittering fairy lights and glowing lanterns look so pretty in the darkness, and there a huge full moon in the night sky.

But there’s a dastardly thief sneaking through the crowds and stealing anything that sparkles. It’s a race against the clock, can Kitty catch the thief and return the stolen items before the lantern parade ends?


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