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Unearth our ancient world, continent by continent, with this amazing kids atlas. Explore over 40 historical cultures, societies and civilizations from across the planet. Mind-blowing maps bring history to life and show the rise and fall of mighty empires over time.

Plus discover where the remains of our planet’s ancient history can be found today!From the Persian Empire to Ancient China, the Stone Age to Ancient Egypt, this definitive guide to our ancient world takes kids on a tour across our historical planet and explains the movement of early humans; the first settlements; lost civilizations; archaeologists at work; technological innovations; writing systems and so much more. Bursting with vibrant imagery, photography, and original artwork, budding history buffs can use the awesome maps and timeline to navigate their way through our fascinating past. Inside Amazing Ancient World Atlas:- Comprehensive historical coverage for kids arranged continent by continent from the evolution of humans to extinct tribes, epic empires and even the world’s first superpower- Lost cultures, civilizations and societies explained with historical and geographical context to support comprehension and learning- Handy maps, original artwork and wow-factor photographs to keep young readers entertained- Weird and wonderful historical facts for kids to impress their friends with- Covers cultures, civilizations and societies across Western Asia; Central, Southern & Eastern Asia; Europe; Africa; North America; South America; Australia & Oceania Amazing Ancient World Atlas is written by Nancy Dickmann and is the third in Lonely Planet Kids’ Amazing Atlas series (including the Amazing World Atlas and the Amazing Night Sky Atlas).

Perfect for learning at home, in the classroom or being given as a gift, curious minds will cherish this treasury of ancient history. About Lonely Planet Kids: Lonely Planet Kids – an imprint of the world’s leading travel authority Lonely Planet – published its first book in 2011. Over the past 45 years, Lonely Planet has grown a dedicated global community of travellers, many of whom are now sharing a passion for exploration with their children.

Lonely Planet Kids educates and encourages young readers at home and in school to learn about the world with engaging books on culture, sociology, geography, nature, history, space and more. We want to inspire the next generation of global citizens and help kids and their parents to approach life in a way that makes every day an adventure. Come explore!


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