Magicalia : Race of Wonders


Jennifer Bell


“Up there with Skandar and Impossible Creatures. An absolute triumph!” Mel Taylor-BessentFrom the internationally bestselling author of Wonderscape and The Uncommoners, comes a spectacular new fantasy series for 9+ set in a world of magical creatures, ancient meteorites and secret organizations, irresistible to fans of Pok?mon, Skandar and the Unicorn Thief and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. FEEL THE MAGIC.

CONJURE THE IMPOSSIBLE. When her dad is kidnapped by a woman with a giant hamstoceros, Bitsy and best friend Kosh are swept into a secret world of ancient meteorites and strange beasts called magicores, each conjured using a different emotion. Using a powerful bestiary called Magicalia, the friends must quickly become conjurors themselves, before following a trail of clues that will take them from London to India to Paris, in a race to rescue Bitsy?s dad from a mysterious villain?PRAISE FOR MAGICALIA:”Fun, fast and ferociously readable.

Pok?mon meets Diana Wynne Jones in this outstanding start to a fantastic series. Already one of my favourite books of 2024!” Elle McNicoll”Spectacular! A world-beating feat of imagination, as enthralling as it is exciting. Climb on board your ozoz, and hold on tight!” Sin?ad O’Hart”Jennifer Bell makes the impossible seem possible in this fantastical, pacy and hugely impressive story that?s filled with around-the-world adventure, intricate world building and magical creatures that are conjured from different emotions.

It?s an absolute triumph!” Mel Taylor-Bessent ?Magicalia had me gripped from chapter one, with thrilling twists and magical creatures at every turn. A spellbinding read.? Rachel Chivers Khoo ?Magicalia is a thrilling story with brilliant, loveable characters. Bell?s storytelling is wonderful and the world she creates bursts with technicolour ? I absolutely raced through it.? Jasbinder Bilan”From the very first line I was hooked, it?s brimming with fun, magic and is a proper rip-roaring adventure! Loved it.” Dominique Valente?A bold and exciting new world of magic.? Amy Sparkes?Magicalia is a monstrously fun adventure ? so full of joy and thrill and magic that I devoured it in a single day!” Andy Sagar”We were hooked from the very first page! Magicalia is packed full of adventure, magic and incredible creatures that had Family Haddow begging for “just one more chapter” before bed.

This one is a 2024 must read.” Swapna Haddow?An absolute tour-de-force. It is witty, sharp, atmospheric and bold with an energy that never lets up. The richness of invention in this book is dazzling to behold and matched by the strong hand of a master storyteller.

Prepare to embark on a thrilling quest. Magicalia is conjured from pure joy.? Justin Somper?A gloriously imaginative and thrilling adventure that guarantees to delight all young readers who ever wished for magic ? I long to live in the world of Magicalia!? Lizzie Huxley-Jones?Jennifer Bell does it again, conjuring a delightful, sometimes-cute, often-dangerous pantheon of magical creatures in this super-exciting and unputdownable story. Readers of all ages will want a ?magicore? of their own!? Thomas Taylor”True magic …

Jennifer Bell?s story?s got wonders to spare, and this is just the beginning?? Sarwat Chadda”Magicalia is a globe-trotting triumph! With a deftly-crafted new world at her fingertips, Jennifer Bell?s imagination knows no bounds. Rich in magic and filled with warmth, Bell?s storytelling prowess holds the power of an omega-level magicore!” Richard Pickard”With twists and turns on almost every page, this hugely inventive adventure is deliciously addictive.” The Bookseller


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