Moby Dick : Inspired by the Masterpiece by Herman Melville


Domenico Russo


Famous and beloved classics are reinterpreted to capture the attention of young audiences in this engaging book series. This magnificently illustrated edition Herman Melville’s Moby Dick brings new life to this timeless story of the monomaniacal quest of Captain Ahab, for revenge on the sperm whale Moby Dick. The author was able to keep the spirit of each original novel intact while recounting it with fresh and accessible language.

A series designed to make children fall in love with literature and characters they will likely encounter again as older readers. Even the illustrations bring new life with a colourful, contemporary, and almost cinematic style. Other titles in the series includes The Secret Garden ISBN 9788854420557, White Fang ISBN 9788854420533 and Tom Sawyer ISBN 9788854420540.

Ages 7+


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