Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder : adventures in science round the kitchen table


Alom Shaha, illus Emily Robertson

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Help your child to think and work like a scientist with Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder. Learn about sound by making wine glasses sing, investigate chemical reactions with vitamin-powered rockets, and explore Newton’s Third Law by making balloon driven cars. This is not a book just for children, it’s a book for the grown-ups who want to enthuse and inspire young people through science.

Why does the …? What is …? How does …? Why is …? What are all the parts of a flower? How does a wine glass sing? I don’t know! But soon you will. Every child can be a scientist with the help of Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder. There are experiments galore to do at home: from making a balloon-powered car, to dissecting a daffodil.

With beautiful and detailed illustrations by Emily Robertson, this is the perfect book for a scientifically inclined young mind.


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