Josephine Anelini


The much-anticipated continuation to Scions, the prequel to the Starcrossed series, the #1 international bestseller. This Greek mythology series is ideal for fans of Alexandra Bracken and Chloe Gong. Presumed dead, Daphne and Ajax try to steal away what happiness they can while living as Outcasts, when they discover that the Fates aren’t done with them yet.

Ajax may have escaped death, but his fate is sealed. Like mice in a maze, both are led back to New York City, where Daphne must find a way to keep the Fates from killing Ajax. But returning to the city puts them both in grave danger, and they are forced to seek help in the unlikeliest of places — from a reluctant Heir to the House of Athens, and from a Prince of the House of Rome.

But their biggest challenge will come from Tantalus, Heir to the House of Thebes, who has been busy plotting to start the war he knows he is destined to win, but who tragically finds himself caught between his devotion to his brother, and his obsession with Daphne.


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