Peter Rabbit: Up and Away : inspired by Beatrix Potter’s iconic character


Rachel Bright


Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter’s world-famous creation, is hopping off on new adventures in this brand new picture book series created by bestselling creators, Rachel Bright and Nicola Kinnear. Peter is being a helpful bunny and looking after Jemima Puddle-duck’s eggs one sunny spring day. Peter soon has to put his inventive brain to use when the eggs hatch and it’s time to teach the little ducklings how to fly.

But when bouncers, spinning hats and flying jumps don’t work, will Peter learn that everyone learns at their own pace. This mischievous, little rabbit has been a favourite character for over 100 years and these new stories celebrate Peter’s cheeky nature, adventurous spirit and never-ending curiosity in a truly modern way. Check out Head Over Tail and Hide and Seek to read more Peter Rabbit adventures!


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