Pig-Heart Boy


Malorie Blackman

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‘That’s all I ever did – watch and listen. I was always a spectator, never a participant. I didn’t call that living.
I was alive – but that was all.’ Cameron is thirteen, and all he wants is a ‘normal’ life – friends, swimming, school, family. But his life is far from normal. Not every thirteen-year-old desperately needs a new heart because theirs doesn’t work properly.

Finally, one doctor offers hope. Cameron could – if he and his parents agree – take part in a radical and controversial procedure involving the transplant of a pig’s heart into his human body. It’s risky.

And it’s never been done before . . .

While Cameron comes to terms with the idea, he finds the world around him is much less accepting. But surely everyone will understand that it’s better to have a pig’s heart that works than a human heart that doesn’t – won’t they . ..?

‘A sensitive and informative story that provides a vivid insight into transgenics and xenotransplantations and still manages to squeeze in the inevitable guinea-pig and piggy in the middle jokes’ – Independent

A powerful story about friendship, loyalty and family around this topical and controversial issue’ – Guardian


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