Plantbased : 80 nourishing, umami-rich recipes from the kitchen of a passionate chef


Alexander Gershberg


Plantbased is your ultimate culinary guide to discovering the richness and abundance that a nourishing wholefoods plant-based diet can bring. Learn how to cook delicious and easy dishes with staple goods, such as grains, beans, root vegetables, green vegetables, seaweeds and fermented foods. To achieve a nutritionally complete vegan diet you need to include more grains, beans and vegetables in your meals.

But what are wholegrains to start with? And what on earth can you cook them with? Alexander invites you into his kitchen to answer these questions and more, to teach us the secrets of plant-based cooking that is so beneficial for our bodies. Alexander’s recipes are influenced by the wonderful flavours of Japanese cuisine as well as the Israeli food culture in which he grew up. Join Alexander in his cosy little inner-city kitchen as he shares his knowledge for achieving a healthy plant-based diet that’s beautiful, delicious, sustainable and affordable.

Something we can proudly regard as the food of our future.


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