Rebel Gardening : A beginner’s handbook to organic urban gardening


Alessandro Vitale

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From urban plots to windowsill pots, grow a city kitchen garden!You don’t need a big garden to reconnect with nature. Grow and eat fresh, organic food using nature’s own principles as your guide:Learn about Korean Natural Farming techniques, including how to make simple treatments that will nourish your soil far better than any chemical. Understand how microorganisms do all the work of feeding your plants and keeping pests and diseases away.

Learn how to encourage the natural networks that make a growing space thrive. Never create food waste again by creating compost in an odourless composting system that can be kept inside. Recycle and reuse everything! Turn a plastic bottle into a vertical hanging garden, a self-watering pot, a mini greenhouse or a DIY irrigation system.

Eat seasonally with delicious fruit, vegetables, edible flowers and herbs. Discover how to preserve anything leftover with delicious pickles and fermentations. Whether you’ve got a rooftop, fire escape, balcony, canal boat, shared communal space or just one windowsill, bring the cycle of the planet back into your life and make your little part of earth green again!


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