Super Swifts: The Small Bird With Amazing Powers


Justin Anderson, Clover Robin


An evocative nonfiction narrative follows the swifts on their epic journey north, from the jungles of Africa to nesting sites in Europe.

A swift may not look like anything special—it’s just a plain brown bird, small enough to nestle in the palm of your hand—but these superheroes of the avian world can fly incredible distances amazingly quickly, reaching speeds of up to seventy miles per hour and spending ten months of every year in the air. Follow one female swift from the steamy forests of tropical central Africa to northern Europe as she navigates arid desert and restless ocean, dodging predators along the way. Eating, drinking, and sleeping on the wind, she won’t rest until she’s reached her nesting site. Woven through with fascinating facts amplified in an author’s note and index, Super Swifts fuses gorgeous collage illustrations and a lilting text to evoke the grandeur of a voyage like no other—and introduce a singular bird with amazing powers.

Follow the swifts on their incredible journey north, from the jungles of Africa to their nesting site in Europe. A little bird, small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. Swifts may be small and brown, but they are the champions of the bird world : flying faster, higher and for longer than any other bird! This new title in the celebrated Nature Storybook series is packed with interesting facts to inspire a love of the natural world.


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