The Ballad of Cactus Joe


Lily Murray; Clive McFarland

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This delightful, read-aloud picture book follows one prickly saguaro named Cactus Joe who prefers a lonesome life until one day he faces one visitor after another, after another. Cactus Joe just wants to be alone…or does he?

All alone in the hot, dusty desert lives Cactus Joe who sings his lonesome song each night and prefers being by himself. Then one day, a woodpecker arrives and offers to eat the insects off Cactus Joe in return for a place to stay. Sooner than Cactus Joe can say “prickle machine,” more visitors arrive, and Cactus Joe has had enough! The Ballad of Cactus Joe is a heartwarming picture book featuring a prickly, but beloved, saguaro cactus and his journey to decide if a solitary life is for him or if there is room in his heart for company. Featuring lyrics to Cactus Joe’s ballad paired with bright striking art, this heartwarming tale is sure to become a storytime favorite, and kids will be requesting Cactus Joe’s lonesome ballad time and time again!