The Fairy Song


Janis Mackay & Ruchi Mhasane

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Rose lives with her parents in a small cottage in the forest. Her family are poor and hardworking, and Rose yearns for fun, friendship and flowers. One Midsummer’s Day, walking wearily home, Rose hears beautiful singing and follows the joyful sound deep into the trees.

As she listens, a flurry of fairies bursts out of a tiny door in the side of a hill! One of the fairies invites Rose to join their party. Entering the fairy world, Rose is enchanted with her new friends and gladly joins in with their Midsummer song. Will she ever want to leave? Inspired by traditional Scottish stories of fairy folk, celebrated storyteller Janis Mackay weaves a magical tale that will capture any child’s imagination.

Ruchi Mhasane’s delightful illustrations sparkle with joy and vitality. The Fairy Song is a delightful new book from the creators of much-loved traditional Scottish tale The Selkie Girl.


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