The Knot Handbook


George Lewis

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A fresh redesign of the bestselling The Knot Handbook — a classic craft book re-imagined for all readers, new or old, to the skill! Contents include: . Alpine butterfly loop . Angler’s knot .

Double dragons . Sheepshank . Threaded figure eight AND SO MUCH MORE! Some have been chosen for their fame, some for their beauty, and some because they are knots everyone should know how to tie.

This book shows you how to tie 50 knots with step-by-step guidance, clear and concise illustrations to follow, and stunning photography. AUTHOR: George Lewis is the author of several books including Mates for Life and Strange Mates (Ammonite Press) and Castles and Waterfalls (Park Lane Books). He also contributes to newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias and partworks.

Lewis learned about knots in the 1950s from herring fishermen on his ancestral Isle of Man. Pupil and teachers have long gone their separate ways: the former, like most Manxmen, to the British mainland through economic necessity; the latter into the history books after the Irish Sea was trawled to near exhaustion. Lewis retains the traditional knowledge and here demonstrates that knots can give us so much more than the means to catch the traditional accompaniment to chips.

SELLING POINTS: . A refreshed contemporary design of a classic craft that new and old readers can enjoy . The method of tying each knot is clearly illustrated with easy-to-follow step-by-step line drawings .

Anecdotes reveal the history or fascinating facts about the featured knots . Perfect gift for anyone interested in outdoor living


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