The Nervous Dragon : A Story About Overcoming Back-to-School Worries


DK: First Seasonal Stories


From DK’s best-selling First Seasonal Stories series, comes a new magical adventure for any little dragon getting ready to start school! Soar down to Mrs Scales Academy for Dragons and meet a nervous dragon who learns to embrace new experiences. It’s almost Drago the dragon’s first day at school. But when he thinks about it, it makes him feel nervous.

Drago has a BIG secret, one he hasn’t told anyone – he can’t breathe fire. What will his new friends think of him if they find out? Will he be the odd dragon out?A heart-warming story that normalises first day jitters and encourages little ones to share their hidden worries, as they discover that they aren’t the only ones with these fears. This book is a gentle reminder of the exciting new possibilities that school brings and that there’s no better place to learn and perfect your fire breathing techniques!Featuring whimsical illustrations and an exciting lenticular cover, this book is sure to delight children and adults alike, as they follow along to see if this nervous dragon can fire away his worries!


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