The Patient


Tim Sullivan

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I am insanely in love with George Cross, a perfect detective for our time and for all time’ Stephen Fry No fingerprints. No weapon. No witnesses.

Can DS Cross prove it was murder?DS George Cross can be rude, difficult, and awkward with people. But his unfailing logic and dogged pursuit of the truth means his conviction rate is the best on the force. Now, this unusual detective is met with an even more unusual case.

When a young woman is found dead, the Bristol Crime Unit is quick to rule it a suicide: the woman had a long history of drug abuse. But her mother is convinced it was murder: her daughter had been clean for years and making strides in a new therapy programme. As an outsider himself, DS Cross is drawn to cases involving the voiceless and the dispossessed.

He is determined to defy his bosses and re-open the investigation, even if it costs him his career. Soon he is mired in a labyrinth of potential suspects, but can he solve the case before his superiors shut it down for good?The Patient is part of the DS George Cross sequence of thrillers, which can be read in any order.


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