The Tree and the River


Aaron Becker

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A spectacular time-lapse portrait of humankind ? and our impact on the natural world ? from an award-winning master of the wordless form. For his latest feat of visual storytelling, the acclaimed creator of the Journey trilogy invents, in staggering detail, a familiar world layered with imaginary civilizations. Borrowing from multiple cultures and architectural styles to craft astonishing new humanscapes, Aaron Becker tracks the evolution of our species ? and its toll on the Earth ? through the fates of a lone tree and an enduring river.

River and tree bear silent witness over time as people arrive to harness water, wind, and animals; devise technology and transportation; redirect rivers; and reshape the land. Timely and ultimately hopeful, this wordless epic invites readers to pore over spreads densely packed with visual drama. Fans of Journey, Quest, and Return will leap at a new chance to uncover sophisticated layers of meaning, marvel at intricate details ? from holographic billboards to flying machines ? and see our precious shared world through fresh eyes.


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