Up In The Air: Butterflies, birds, and everything up above



Up In The Air celebrates the nature around and above us, encouraging children to look, listen, and take notice. From cloud patterns to constellations, the chirrup of a single sparrow to the cacophony of the dawn chorus, and from trees that rustle in the wind to butterflies that flit about, this beautifully illustrated book encourages children to look, listen, and feel nature all around. Up In The Air looks at the habitats above our heads, uncovering the insects that make their homes in tree trunks and the animals that move from tree to tree in towering rainforests.

It develops sky-watching skills so children can track the migration of birds and name the stars and planets of the night sky. As well as discovering the joy nature can bring to us, children will learn about how the living things inside this book are vital for our planet’s future, whether they are insects pollinating plants or trees helping to make the air we breathe.


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