Upon a Frosted Star


M.A. Kuzniar


When the snow falls, she will be free… The invitations always arrive the same way – without warning, appearing around the city on the first snowfall of the year, simply inscribed with ‘Tonight.’ When struggling artist, Forster, finds an invitation, he’s bewitched by the magic of the evening, swept up in the glamour of this notorious annual party and intrigued as to who is behind them. Determined to find out more about the mysterious host, Forster discovers an abandoned manor house silent with secrets and a cursed woman who is desparate to be free…

From the bestselling author of Midnight in Everwood, comes another spellbinding literary fairy tale that’s The Great Gatsby meets Swan Lake. Readers LOVE Upon A Frosted Star ‘A delightful dark fairy tale’ ‘Perfect for snuggling up in the winter evenings’ ‘A brilliant read’ ‘Enchanted me’


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