Who Did That Poo in the Zoo?


Steve Smallman


?Who could have done THIS poo??Wondered Little Bob McGrew. ?I?ve never seen a poo so green. It?s rather sparkly, too!?WHO could have done the sparkly, squishy green poo that has appeared in little Bob McGrew?s zoo? One by one, the animals explain why it couldn?t possibly be theirs.

Steve Smallman?s hilarious rhyming text contains all the anarchic humour of the picture book, Poo in the Zoo, in a new board book format ? complete with poo to squish!Children will love playing with the squishy tactile poo while trying to discover whose poo it could be. This board book is perfect for fans of rhyming texts, funny stories, animals ? and poo!This joke-filled board book adaptation of the best-selling Poo in the Zoo series ? with illustrations from Ada Grey – is ideal for younger children aged 3 to 5. It?s great to read with books like Does this Poo Belong to You? and Wish Upon a Poopicorn, or to play alongside Poo Bingo or Who Did This Poo? A Matching & Memory Game.


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