Bob Vs. The Trousers of Doom


Andy Jones & Robin Boyden


The unmissable follow-up to BOB VS THE SELFIE ZOMBIES, perfect for fans of DAVID SOLOMONS, DAVID BADDIEL and GREG JAMES & CHRIS SMITH. AI is threatening to take over the world, and our last hope is a 12-year-old boy called Bob. Bob, an accidental time-traveller, should be doing his homework but instead he’s bouncing in and out of the year 2049 – and life in the future seriously stinks!When Bob’s science class experiment goes wrong, he causes a global aroma-virus pandemic – also known as the farting flu.

The grumpy school inspector has his eye on Bob and detention looms. But Bob’s got bigger problems. He must face robot gorillas, an evil computer and giant patrol insects to save the world from a very farty future…?Hold your noses for an adventure to the year 2049 and back!


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