Dragon World


Tamara MacFarlane & Alessandra Fusi

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Meet the fire-breathing beasts of mythology in this beautifully illustrated book brimming with scaled behemoths. Journey into the deepest depths of the oceans and the highest tips of the tallest mountains to discover the fascinating history of dragons! This illustrated picture book blends fiction and fantasy, separates fact from myth, and is the perfect introduction to the breathtaking world of dragons! Ideal for kids aged 7-9 years. Inside the pages of this captivating fantasy book for children, you’ll discover fascinating dragon facts and more!- Includes 23 profiles of famous dragons – Discover maps of where dragons originated from across the continents- Explanations of the historical and cultural significance of dragons around the world- Informative spreads on the folklore surrounding dragons uncover secrets about dragon eggs, treasure, and historySoar across continents and discover the most incredible dragon myths and legends.

Prowl through the pages to discover rare dragon species. Find clues on how to track them and master how to draw them. This awe-inspiring, magical book will breathe fire into the minds of little dragon-lovers everywhere! Exciting, informative text and beautiful hand-painted illustrations bring these fire-breathing beasts of mythology to life in the most spectacular way! Up-to-date retellings of classic dragon stories from Asia, Europe, Africa and North America will boost your child’s imagination and keep them engaged.

It’s the ultimate gift for kids who are fascinated by mythical creatures and fans of Harry Potter and How to Train your Dragon.


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