Flyntlock Bones : The Sceptre of the Pharaohs : 1


by Derek Keilty (Author)

  • Illustrated by:Mark Elvins
  • Series:Flyntlock Bones
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Meet Captain John Hamish Watkins and his pirate crew: Briggs the quartermaster, Fishbreath the cook, Master Hudson the ship’s Bosun, the riggers Drudger, Snitch and Dedweard – oh and last but not least Red, the girl rigger who becomes Flynn’s friend and ally on board this unruly ship! Flynn’s first case is a summons for help from Miss Kristina Wrinkly, curator of the Gypshun museum. There’s been a break-in, and priceless, ancient artefacts have been stolen including the irreplaceable sceptre of the Pharaohs!

‘Welcome to the Black Hound – a ship full o’ the cleverest pirate investigators ya ever set eyes upon.’ The captain pauses. ‘You OK, lad? Ya gone paler than a full moon.’

When young Flynn becomes too old to stay at the Baskervile orphanage, he applies for a job as cabin boy on the Black Hound. But once aboard, the dreadful reality sinks in – he’s on a pirate ship! However, with nowhere else in the world to go, he has no option but to give it a try.

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