I’m the King of the Castle


Susan Hill

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Discover a chilling twentieth century classic, delving into the dark and complex heart of childhood’Some people are coming here today, now you will have a companion.’But young Edmund Hooper doesn’t want anyone else in Warings, the rambling Victorian house he shares with his widowed father. Nevertheless Charles Kingshaw and his mother are soon installed and Edmund sets about persecuting his fearful new playmate. From the dusty back rooms of Warings through the gloomy labyrinth of Hang Wood to the very top of Leydell Castle, Edmund pursues Charles, the balance of power slipping back and forth between bully and victim.

With their parents oblivious, the situation speeds towards a crisis… Darkly claustrophobic and morally ambiguous, Susan Hill weaves a classic tale of cruelty, power, and the dangerous games we play as children. ‘A brilliant tour de force’ Guardian’Equalled for poignancy and horror only in Lord of the Flies’ Sunday Telegraph’Delves beneath the surface of complex young minds, exposing not only their vulnerabilty and tenderness, their cruelty and malevolence, but also how parents end up turning a blind eye to their pain’ Anita Sethi


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