Julia Donaldson’s Book of Names


Julia Donaldson’s Book of Names : A Magical Rhyming Celebration of Children, Imagination, Stories . . . And Names!

Julia Donaldson, illus Nila Aye


Julia Donaldson celebrates and makes her readers a part of the delightful and imaginative world of picture books in this rhyming tale inspired by the children she has met at hundreds of book signings over the years. I’ve signed for boys called Romeoand girls called Juliet . I’ve signed for Roman, Saxon, Dane –Though not for Norman yet.

From months of the year, colours, flowers, food and gemstones, Julia has seamlessly grouped together a charming selection of children’s names and woven them together in her unmistakable rhyming style. Set in a magical transforming bookshop, Julia Donaldson’s Book of Names is a love letter to the world of books and young bookworms – illustrated by the award-winning Nila Aye. With over three hundred names included, readers will love trying to spot their own! And if it isn’t included, there is a special dedicated space for them to add it, or even better, for Julia to sign!