My Dinosaur Activity Book : Fun Facts and Puzzle Play


Dougal Dixon


My Dinosaur Activity Book is bursting with fun, colourful and fact-filled activities for kids who are wild about dinosaurs. There are dot-to-dot challenges, search-and-find prehistoric scenes, number puzzles, mazes, logic games and so much more that will keep young minds busy from first page to last. Each activity is accompanied by roar-some facts about everyone’s favourite dinosaurs, from ferocious Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus, to the chicken-sized Compsognathus and feathery, flying Microraptor.

As well, learn all about the periods in which these amazing animals lived, and the other creatures that lived alongside them. My Dinosaur Activity Book is the first title in Buster’s new ‘Learn and Play’ activity book series – where fun, playful activities for young children and a love of learning meet.


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