The Story of Science


Robert Winston

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Let Professor Robert Winston take you on a scientific journey through human history in this fact-packed science book. Delve into the stories of history’s most influential scientific experiments, inventions and life-changing discoveries that have impacted our understanding and changed the world in this science book for kids aged 7-9. Robert Winston’s Story of Science will teach children about the incredible world of science through fascinating facts, innovative inventions, and daring discoveries.

Learn how random accidents have led to some of the greatest findings our world has ever seen, and how anybody who dares to dream can be successful. This fascinating science book for children offers:- Expertly written and accessible text by Robert Winston for children of the appropriate age to understand and enjoy even trickier concepts. – An exploration of each invention’s past, present, and future development that is explored for a thorough and modern look at the role of science, technology and design in our everyday lives.

– The answers to some of the most fascinating queries on the history of our world; piquing children’s curiosities and sparking interest. From the creation of dynamite and the world’s first printer, to magical medicine and the discovery of soap; science really is the pioneering study that has the power to change everything! This book of amazing scientific concepts and discoveries covers a wide range of topics to inspire the next generation of young minds.


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