Size Wise : From Colossal Squids to Snowflakes, a Life-Sized Look at Nature


Camilla de la Bedoyere


Discover some of the biggest and smallest things in the natural world. This book explores the wonders of nature with awe-inspiring, realistic illustrations at life-size. Across each fascinating spread, beautiful artwork shows breathtakingly large or unbelievably small natural wonders, including eyes, wings, tentacles, sand, snowflakes, flowers and much more, all at real-life size, or zoomed in for extra interest.

Marvel at the dinner-plate-sized eye of the colossal squid, the rainforest flowers you can sit inside, the fingernail-width dwarf blue butterfly and what sand really looks like when magnified. Paired with captivating information about these incredible things, size comparisons and extra fun facts, this book will have you absorbed with the littlest and largest things on our astonishing planet.


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