The Inventor’s Workshop: 10 Inventions That Changed the World


Ruth Amos & Stacey Thomas


Join two curious children on a tour through ten inventions that changed the world in the debut children’s book from award-winning inventor Ruth Amos. Step inside the inventor’s workshop to see how one creative spark leads to another… until an invention is born.

Find out how, when and why these ingenious breakthroughs happened, and learn about all the people who created them. Discover how Ada Lovelace’s code inspired Charles Babbage’s work on the first modern computer; see how African American Lewis Latimer’s technology made Thomas Edison’s light bulb possible; and much more. This STEM book for children ages 7+ features: Real-life stories behind ten great inventions Mini biographies and profiles of more than 50 inventors Beautifully illustrated timelines, showing how creations of today exist because of the long line of inventions and inventors that came before Incredible cross-sections, revealing the intricacies of each discovery Written by an award-winning inventor Ruth Amos, with detailed illustration by the inimitable Stacey Thomas, this the perfect book for every budding inventor.


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