Warning: Magic Can Be Dangerous!


B. Ware


Tyler isn’t thrilled to be spending yet another mundane afternoon at Great Uncle John’s. And that’s putting it mildly! But after his visit sparks a chain of inexplicable events, he delightedly discovers magic at his fingertips. Being able to conjure up a swimming pool and a wodge of cash are certainly perks.

Yet the magic proves tricky to control. What’s more, it seems to be irreversible. Unable to properly harness his new-found powers, Tyler ends up getting those around him into all manner of mischief and mayhem.

And when things begin to go catastrophically wrong, he fears magic is a curse, rather than a blessing. Will normality ever be restored, or will Tyler be forced to adapt to his new, altered reality forever? It all depends on whether he’s able to find Lottie’s loophole…


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