What a Rock Can Reveal : Where They Come From And What They Tell Us About Our Planet


Maya Wei-Haas

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A stunningly illustrated, informative introduction to the wonders of rocks and minerals and what they can tell us about our planet ? perfect for readers aged 6-9 Award-winning science writer and geologist Maya Wei-Haas introduces young readers to the fascinating world of rocks through the art of observation. Starting with a friendly question-and-answer format, she explores the diversity of rocks and minerals and how a rock?s shape, color, or texture help to tell the stories of how it was formed, where it comes from, and the incredible journeys it has had. This hands-on introduction reveals how rocks are time capsules of our planet?s past, recording the thrilling events that once built Earth?s incredible geology.

The second in a series of visually stunning, scientifically engaging books that explore the natural world through everyday objects found in nature, this book follows on from the global children?s bestseller, What a Shell Can Tell. The text and vibrant illustrations expand on a child?s natural instinct to collect things, nurturing their interest and curiosity by giving them simple observation skills that will help them to explore the connections between objects found in nature, the wider environment, and Earth?s history. Ages 6-9


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