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Book Walls

Some of the publishers allow sneak-peeks of their books.

Wherever possible, I put these links on the listing of the book when I upload it to the Shop part of the website.

That’s not always possible, because there are just so many wonderful books for children in print!

So, I’ve made a few Book Walls for you to browse.

A Book Wall is a selection of books in a category (eg: Children’s Fiction), and you can click on any of the book covers and have a look at some of the pages in the book.
Do please bear in mind that not every publisher is featured on a Book Wall (but more are signing up all the time!), so if you don’t see the book you hoped for, just ask!

If it’s listed on this website, you can order it straight away. If it isn’t, then please send me an email and ask me to order it for you! (subject to availability)

Remember we can take National Book Tokens directly on the website, through email, or telephone (and car or paypal payments too!)

Delivery to UK addresses is always free (unless you’re buying the special £1 World Book Day books, in which case we have a minimum of 5, or free delivery to the Sititngbourne/Isle of Sheppey area).

Children’s Fiction Book Wall

Children’s Classics Book Wall

Children’s Non-Fiction Book Wall

Children’s Picture Books, Activities and Novelty Books Wall


As always, please contact us if you’re not sure, or would like advice, or to check the availability of your book!