Do Not Open This Book


Andy Lee; ill Heath McKenzie

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Do Not Open This Book : A ridiculously funny story for kids, big and small… do you dare open this book?!

Oh! You opened the book. I assume that was an accident? No problem, accidents happen. I’m not even angry. Just please don’t turn the page!

Monster will do anything for you to not open this book, but what will happen if you do? Young readers will love doing everything they are asked not to, and turning the pages to discover Monster’s hilarious secret at the end of this funny picture book. Do Not Open This Book is the hilarious, best-selling new book from Australian radio DJ and comedian Andy Lee.

This book is awesome!
We like books that have a surprise in them, or that are interactive stories.
In this book, the monster tells you not to open the book. He’ll do absolutely anything to stop you turning the pages to carry on with the story.

Eleanor says:

I love this book, it’s really funny! The Monster gets angrier and angrier the more you turn the pages! and then at the end, he <<censored>>

Sorry, we can’t give the story away!
The illustrations are lovely, as the monster gets so annoyed he almost jumps off the page, he tries to reason, he tries to stop you, but we all know children can’t resist!

DO NOT Open This Book – Andy Lee; ill Heath McKenzie


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