History Stinks!: Poo Through the Ages


Suzie Edge, Luke Newell


What’s that smell? It’s HISTORY – and it STINKS!
Did you know that you can discover loads about history just from the loo? Or piles about the past just from a poo? If not, then get ready to discover everything from Henry VIII’s dodgy diet and Aztec poop canoes to giant, fossilized Viking plops, poo-tastic Roman plumbing, the stinky secrets of Victorian sewers, smelly cesspits, medieval muck and more.
From Saxons and Tudors to ancient Greece, the Indus Valley and beyond, Poo Through the Ages features mighty monarchs, bonkers battles, deadly diseases, foul-smelling faeces and poo, poo, poo. Packed with fascinating facts, hilarious illustrations and the smelliest stories from our pongy past, get ready to dive into the smelliest corners of history!


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