Pizza Shark


Mike Lowery


Don’t miss the most sealicious underwater pizza party in this incredibly cheesy and hilarious, pun-filled story from New York Times bestselling creator Mike Lowery! Deep in the ocean, Edgar, a goofy, toothy young shark, and his best crab friend, Lotta, are getting ready for the best kind of party. A pizza party! But Edgar forgot the most important thing… the pizza.

What’s a pizza party without the pizza?! Thankfully, Lotta knows just what to do. With the help of their underwater friends, they gather the ingredients and toppings to make the most perfect pizza all on their own. With laugh-out-loud humour, cheesy puns, and lots of toppings, this story is a tasty treat that all readers are shore to enjoy! So put your chef hat on and get ready for a much-kneaded underwater adventure.

New York Times bestseller Mike Lowery brings us a hilarious and vibrant story of friendship and creativity Filled with humour and tasty treats, this exciting adventure is sure to send readers away laughing


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