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World Book Day 2021

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This year is a strange one (again!)

The last time we were out and about selling our books was World Book Day (WBD) last year.

This year will be very different – we won’t be able to visit your school, setting or nursery, but we DO have loads and loads of World Book Day books for you to “buy” with your £1 token.

The tokens are still being distributed, mostly in the same way, but there are also some electronic tokens. Your school/setting/nursery will provide you with the tokens in the same way (or remotely, Covid-dependent), and you can still swap them for the fantastic books, or as £1 off a normal-priced book.

Please do spread the word.

This is how we’re going to do it this year:

1: you can email me or phone me or message me through social media to ask for the book you want, and I will deliver it to your house.

2: if you live further afield, I can post you a book, but I will have to charge £1 for postage, because although these books are essentially free to you, I still have to pay for them!

3: if you would normally get a visit at school and get a WBD book or a normal book, we can still supply books to you. Please contact me separately to organise this, as your £1 token cannot be used on the website. (we can take normal Book Tokens, but the WBD tokens aren’t given a “value” on the website, so it cannot be redeemed that way)

4: I am going to be contacting those who run Free Little Libraries in the area to see if I can put some of the WBD books in those so that you can take them and leave your voucher with the Library.

6: I will be sharing as much WBD promotional material on here, Facebook and Instagram as I can, so that you have lots of ideas and activities you can do.

7: tag me or share your stories on social media: instagram, twitter and facebook – remember to @nickelbooks and @worldbookday, and hashtag #shareastory #10minutesaday #worldbookday2021 #worldbookday #nickelbooks

8: If you have any other questions, please do get in touch!

9: I will be posting updates and more links in the next few weeks, leading up to the day, so please do keep checking back!

phone: 07731152089
facebook: @nickelbooks
instagram: @nickelbooks
twitter: @nickelbooks

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